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Vancouver Branch Sizzling Now!
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What is Pepper Lunch?

Pepper Lunch is a DIY fast service concept, with more than 200 outlets in Japan and Asia. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of sizzling Steaks, Pastas, Curry Rice, and not forgetting our signature Pepper Rice. All at affordable prices!


The Concept

At Pepper Lunch, you are our master Chef. We assemble the finest & freshest ingredients on our patented sizzling hot teppan and you simply immerse yourself in the culinary and wholesome experience of ‘Sizzling it your Way’. For a different twist, experiment with our exquisitely crafted sauces to create a taste of your own! 


Secret of the Iron Plate

With its unique design patented in Japan, the iron plate is part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch. Using a special electromagnetic cooker also patented in Japan, the iron plate will heat up to 260˚C in 70 seconds and remain hot at approximately 80˚C for more than 20 minutes. Meat that is grilled at this temperature range remains tender and juicy. The hot plate also keeps food warm for a longer time such that customers can enjoy the full flavour of the dish.

How to Sizzle?

At Pepper Lunch, enjoy the wholesome experience of cooking and dining, every time.

Shake, stir, mix – it’s that easy to unleash the tantalizing flavour from every Pepper Lunch meal. First time trying Pepper Lunch? View our video on how to cook, or approach our friendly staff for help.

And when you become an expert at Pepper Lunch, you can share those useful tips with your family and friends - Knowledge never tasted so good before. So come on down! A great sizzling experience awaits.

365 Days of Dining Presents: Pepper Lunch

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Is Pepper Lunch originally Japanese?

Yes. Pepper Lunch was founded in Japan. Since 1994, this popular DIY fast service concept has grown to more than 200 branches in Japan, Singapore, China, Korea and other parts of Asia.

Is Pepper Lunch open for dinner?

Yes. We are open daily from 11am to 10pm. Please refer to our individual locations for more information.

Is the meat raw?

The meat is served on a 260 degree hotplate that will cook the meat to well done or your own style.

What are Pepper Lunch’s signature dishes?

Our Timeless Favourite, Beef Pepper Rice is well loved by many, and our Pepper Steak has been recognised by countless steak lovers to be a cut above the rest. More recently, the launch of our Curry Rice has created a storm among many curry lovers with its unique fusion taste.

Anything else on the menu besides beef?

Yes, we also serve Chicken, Salmon and Seafood dishes.

Is it possible to order dishes without Pepper for kids?

Yes, all dishes on our menu can be prepared without pepper. Just inform our friendly outlet staff during your order and we will prepare to your request.

Can pepper lunch meals be taken away?

Yes. Customers have to mix it themselves and in less then 3 minutes, it can be taken away. Or, simply order from our teriyaki range or J Curry range and we’ll pack it for you.

I’m not sure how to make my steak perfect. Can you help me?

It’s fun to cook your own steak, so why not try! Don’t worry, our staff will be there to help you. But if a toddler or the disabled requires assistance, we will be more than happy to be of service.

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Contact Us
Unit 150 - 5951 No. 3 Road,
Richmond, B.C., V6X 2E3, Canada

Phone: (604) 285-5933
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 9:30pm

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2323 Cambie St. Vancouver V5Z 2T9
Phone: (778) 379-5138
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm

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Unit 1625-4791 Mcclelland Road,
Richmond, BC V6X 0M5

Phone: (604) 370-1222
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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